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During 2005, approximately 7.9% of the drug/alcohol admissions to treatment facilities in the U.S. involved individuals ages 17 and younger.

Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy

How Are We Funded?

Tobacco Settlement funds allocated each budget cycle by the General Assembly funds KY-ASAP. Kentucky has prioritized substance abuse prevention for use of these resources.

The Mission of Daviess County ASAP

Our mission is to develop a long-term strategy that is designed to reduce the incidence of youth and adult smoking and tobacco addiction, promote resistance to smoking, reduce the incidence of substance abuse, and promote effective treatment of substance abuse in Daviess County.

Who Have We Supported?

  • Daviess McLean M.A.D.D. Daviess County Detention Center GOALS Program
  • Daviess County Sheriff's Department
  • Owensboro Police Department
  • Daviess County Public Schools
  • Boulware Mission
  • Lighthouse Recovery
  • Brescia University
  • H. L. Neblett Community Center
  • Daviess County Treatment Providers

Who Serves On Our Board?

Our board is comprised of twenty members from the following entities or organizations:

  • Daviess McLean M.A.D.D.
  • Green River Area District Health Department
  • Daviess County Fiscal Court
  • RiverValley Behavioral Health
  • Brescia University
  • O.A.S.I.S. Spouse Abuse Shelter
  • Daviess County Public Schools
  • Owensboro Catholic Schools
  • Owensboro Public Schools
  • Community Solutions for Substance Abuse
  • Daviess County Sheriff's Department
  • Owensboro Medical Health System
  • Daviess County Drug Court
  • Daviess County Detention Center
  • KY Department of Family / Children Services